Saturday, September 29, 2007

Son of a Gun

In a traditional face to face war combat, soldiers shoot randomly at another group of army lining up in front. One bullet happens to hit a guy's ballsack (family jewels/the plums/bollocks, testicles) bringing some shock ridden micrscopic tadpoles with it. This reproductive bullet then hit a female passer-by in the womb and thus a baby is born. Hence the Son of a Gun.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Artistes and the Evolution of Naming Pattern

Have you noticed the difference between past artistes and today, besides than their artistic qualities, is in the way they are named? For instance, can you name any new artiste that has a name consisting of a letter and a name? Chances are that you won't.
Back in the 70's and 80's our entertainment world was flooded by artistes with names such as M. Nasir, A. Ali, A. Ramlee, M. Sharif and J. Mizan; just to name a few. However this naming pattern had actually started in the early 50's pioneered by none other than P.Ramlee, the legend himself. The names were not constrained to a letter and a name; some went to the extent of having two letters preceding a name, such as A.R Tompel. But I guess nothing beats the all time hero, the late M.G.R. of the southern India entertainment empire.
Many speculations were centered around these initials, and entertainment critics came out with four possibilities after his death:

a) Manivel Gova Ramachandran
b) Morris Garages Rover (M.G Rover the car)
c) Mohd. Ghani Razali
d) Mee Goreng Rasta (based on Rasta stall in TTDI Damansara)

..which then brings out the issue faced by entertainment researchers. What are the letters of these artistes names actually stand for?
The fact that this theory only applies to the Malaysian and Indian entertainment industry (besides M.G.R, there are also B. Rajnikant and A.R. Rahman), researchers are in near conclusion on the link between these two nations by this naming pattern.
Today however, artistes have opted to use their full name or more likely bogus, made-up names. Some of them are quite mouthful (Zamarulhisham, Ngasrizal Ngasri, Sophie Alang Endut). Nevertheless, I have sensed the return of letter naming pattern, but with a twist. Instead of using a single letter, it is spelled out. Yes believe it or not this was started by Que Haidar, and I suspect many will follow. Expect in the future for names such as Kay Jaafar, Bee Ar Ratnam or even Dabelyu Jamingon.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Arrrgghhh terlupa buat lengkong!!!

Semalam lepak2 sampai kul 2 dah langsung terlupa nak buat lengkong sirap.. demmit!!