Sunday, February 17, 2008

Centralized Emergency Number

It's very nice to know that our emergency line system is getting centralized. In whatever situation now Malaysians had only to dial the numbers 999. Back then, if there's a fire we had to dial for 994. And I stated the number because that's the only other emergency line that I know of.

But then, what if there are so many cases to be handled by just a single line. Different cases had to be divided and diverted to appropriate departments. Our country is always excited about trying new things.. and somehow maybe they decided to make it automated!! Imagine if this would hapen....

After a case of burglary, Bala, bound, managed drag himself to the phone and dialed 999 with his nose.

(To Bala's shock, he heard the voice of an operator machine.)

"Thank You for calling the 999 emergency centre. We will try to help you."
"Please verify where you are calling from:"
"press (1) for Perak, press (2) for Selangor, press (3) for Pahang, press...."


"Please hold on while we redirect you to our Selangor branch"
(The music of Captain Comic is heard in the background)
"Please state the kind of emergency you are experiencing"

" if you had or witnessed a car accident press (1), if you have just witnessed a murder press (2), if you are being attacked or threatened by a wild animal press (4), if you are being held at knifepoint by abductors press (5), if you are about to be questioned by a group of aliens press(6), if you are victim of a burglary press(7), if you are experiencing problems with your Streamyx connection press.."


please state the location of the crime: for your own house press (1), for your friend's house press (2), for office press (3), for shophouse press(4)....


How many burglars are involved? Press the number and then press the hash# key to continue..


You will now be talking to our operator to take your address...

(The line is being redirected. Again the Captain Comic theme music is playing in the background)
(As the system is new, some mix-up occurred in the redirecting process..)

"Hello, Astro Customer Service, may I help you?"

In the back of your mind is what you think, feel, speculate, hypothesize, expect and everything .. In front of it however, is what you see

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It Was..

Just got back from England. It was a beautiful trip. Yes it was. Will be back for more pictures.

Broad street, Birmingham

By the intercity canal


Law court.. or something