Thursday, December 20, 2007

Musang Performs Survival Feat

Hello... this is Musang. He is actually a cat but I personally believe that he is a fox impersonating a cat.. and he's very good. The origin of Musang remains a mystery. He is not in any way relative to any of my 10 living cats or the deceased ones. He started pretending to be a family during the middle of July 2007. He enters end exits the house quietly and swiftly, eating Friskies and Machiko without feeling a slight of guilt. He acts as he have known the other cats since birth. Cunning(deceiving) as he is, Musang is almost undetectable except for Ning and Chang.
I called him Musang because in some ways he resembles a fox (guess he didn't transform well). I myself was deceived at times, thinking that he is a part of the family. However his mischievousness is not the main topic here but an incident where he made a quite remarkable feat.

One morning about a month ago, my father as usual hopped into his car to go to work. Just as he was about to enter the federal highway, he heard thumping sounds on the roof of his car. He quickly steered to a nearby Petronas to see what made the noises. To his surprise he saw Musang who had just woken up from his sleep on the roof of the car. Shaken and shocked with an unfamiliar environment Musang ran away and disappeared into a block of shop houses nearby. This Petronas station is about 1 kilometre away from my house.

In the next morning I heard Chang screaming as he had always done to Musang (by this time Ning was already missing). It is then when I saw a familiar figure coming down from the roof of my house, walking proudly on the front porch before lying down under my mother's car. It was the mischievous, deceitful Musang!!
I don't know how he managed to find his way back as he have to go through a block of shop houses, three blocks of houses and a main road to get back here.

Which then strengthens my feeling that he is a real fox.

- Musang is celebrating Hari raya haji at my house besides keep terrorizing my other cats.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

APS Family Day 2OO7

Seperti sewaktu kita sekolah rendah, nampaknya kewajipan menyertai sidang hari keluarga memang tak pernah dikecualikan sehinggalah di alam pekerjaan. Memang keluarga tu penting.
Ofis aku telah membuat Family Day pada 1 Disember lalu dan disertai ahli dari seluruh pelusuk bumi termasuk Sabah dan Indonesia selain semenanjung Malaysia.

Bermula dengan acara sukan...


Dan acara kemuncaknya sudah tentulah apabila Hattan muncul dari entah mana untuk menyanyikan sebuah lagu menusuk kalbu.. memang dah lain rupa Hattan, memang tak kenal tapi daripada suaranya boleh kenal... Wow!!