Friday, January 29, 2010

To Define Horror

The moment I open the door, I was taken aback, literally. I trembled. I felt like the earth under me was vibrating in a certain frequency which would prevent humans, like us, to walk normally. I walked in reverse and got the hell out immediately.

It was a horrific sight. As cliched as it may sound, it was not a sight for sore eyes, or for the faint-hearted. Somehow I felt cold, and I thought maybe my face had just turned pale. But there wasn't any mirror around so I can't confirm this. How could someone do something like that? Has the world gone crazy?
Azlan was in there somewhere, I'm not sure if he'd seen it. I wasn't sure if I should report this, or just leave it there till someone else finds it.

Inside the car both of us kept quiet. I wanted to ask him about it but Ila was at the back munching on some tid bits she got from a previous wedding. The usual stuff, you know, some cakes, sweets and jellos. In some cultures, bringing up a discussion like this while someone is eating, is considered rude, very rude. So we talked about other stuff instead; television, old friends and organic trampolines. Azlan seemed calm and collected throughout the journey. It was as if if nothing had happened. What a sadist!

Later that day, Azlan finally broke the locks. Apparently, he did see it.
"Did you see what I saw just now?", he asked me, and chuckled.

He freaking chuckled!! I can't imagine how someone could chuckle at the sight of.. uh.. when someone didn't flush!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Backtracks of 2009

2009 was a wonderful journey. Most memorable would be my travels during these 365 days.

January :
1) Tanjung Harapan, Port Klang.
- New year got off to a different start as commonly celebrated. There were fireworks indeed, just by the Batu 3 highway. Made ourselves to Port Klang to have our first meal of 2009 at a seafood restaurant. Participants: Lodeh, Pet, Ila, Jen, Kak Rok.

2) Bandung, Indonesia
- My uncle decided to marry a Sundanese from Bandung. As the closest family members, three of us went to represent the groom's family, besides, the groom's son himself. Ehehe. Participants : My mother, my brother.

February :
1) Pertak, kuala Kubu Bharu
- A mini journey to the Pertak waterfalls, the one Bulu had been telling stories of for morethan three years. Participants: Bulu, Dugong, Pet, Ila, Lodeh, Cikut, Zeti, Ina, Mat Dusun, Ayut.

March :
1) Sitiawan, Perak.
- A weekend trip to Mat Dusun's hometown in Sitiawan, Perak. The journey would involve playing cards in the middle of a waterfront, an afternoon swim in the waters of Teluk Senangin, a one and a half hour drive to Kuala Sepetang just for a bowl of overrated prawn noodles, and of course, mentarangs. Participants : Mat Dusun, Bulu, Effa, Jen, Kak Rok, Ancak, Bai.

May :
1) Melaka
- Just a week before the main event, Redang, five of us went to Melaka, staying at Lodeh's house. Met up with Dugong, a self-proclaimed Malaccan for three weeks, and we just walk ourselves around the city of Malacca. It was somekind of a preparation for the main journey. Morevoer, lodeh just bought a brang new Lubitel. Participants: Lodeh, Pet, Jen, Kak Rok.

2) Redang aka (RAKA)
- The main event, planned since the fourth quarter of 2008. Involving 16 of us, it was sure a headache for organizers me and Kak Rok, but was hell of a remedy too. Besides the compulsory snorkeling, went for squid jigging which was not everyone's cup of tea. Well almost not everyone's. This trip holds the record for the most vomits in a single trip. Participants: Jen, Kak Rok, Pet, Ila, Bai, Dugong, Bulu Pujek, Lin, Emi, Elma, Putat, Lodeh, Sinah, Popo.

1) Taman Tas, Kuantan, Pahang
- Wasn't really sure about the true nature of this trip. Probably we were just tagging along Pet's ritual balik kampung, besides attending Umi's wedding. It was also Ilah's second time to Kuantan, if I'm not mistaken. Syahir and Dirah was there too. And it was Dirah's weekly balik kampung. Went to swim for the second time at Balok, only to regret it later. Ate seafood at Tanjung Lumpur and had some kopi ayah peng at Emi's hometown, Kemaman.

1) FRIM, Kepong, Selangor
- Well, it was supposed to be a breeze walk according to mastermind Syahir. Just like a walk in the Lake Gardens, he texted me. Even in the text message I could sense a discomforting vibe of deceit. Squeezed out half of my life climbing up hills, walking through hanging bridges. Good Sunday morning activity though. Participants: Syahir, Dirah, Tompel, Shaz, Yong Shi Qim and Jedai.

1) Bandung, Indonesia
-Another big event in the travelling journal. Revisited Tangkuban Parahu which ended in a hilarious twist. Went to Kampung Daun, did some shopping, but were more excited with photogaphy. Participants: Pejai, Syeh, Hazami, Aiman.

1) Lumut, Perak
- APS Family Day this was held at Lumut's Swiss Garden Resort. Had an exciting event, with almost 60 of us wreaking havoc, well, mostly with our voices during karoke night. Participants: That 60 people.

1) Maldives
- Met some important, friendly locals, drank black tea, got sucked in by a Trong patch, had shower in a stranger's house, boarded a submarine and got followed by a freak. Summing this trip with the former sentence would be an understatement. This may not be a usuaal Maldivian holiday, but hell I could say that it was a true Maldivian experience. Participants: Jen, Kak rok, Elma

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kisah salesman di bandar Male'

Seorang salesman cuba untuk menjual barangannya di sebuah rumah agam, tetapi tidak berjaya. Apa yang dia tidak tahu ialah rumah itu adalah kediaman rasmi Presiden Maldives.

Jadi dia cuba menahan beberapa bot yang lalu lalang di situ untuk cuba menjual barangannya. Sebaliknya, pemilik-pemilik bot disitu pula menawarkan salesman ini pengangkutan ke Pulau Huluhule dengan bayaran 1 dollar sekali pergi.

Memandangkan hal ini salesman itu terus menaiki bot dengan tambang 1 dollar ke pulau Huluhule kerana dengar cerita di situ wi-fi percuma.