Friday, January 29, 2010

To Define Horror

The moment I open the door, I was taken aback, literally. I trembled. I felt like the earth under me was vibrating in a certain frequency which would prevent humans, like us, to walk normally. I walked in reverse and got the hell out immediately.

It was a horrific sight. As cliched as it may sound, it was not a sight for sore eyes, or for the faint-hearted. Somehow I felt cold, and I thought maybe my face had just turned pale. But there wasn't any mirror around so I can't confirm this. How could someone do something like that? Has the world gone crazy?
Azlan was in there somewhere, I'm not sure if he'd seen it. I wasn't sure if I should report this, or just leave it there till someone else finds it.

Inside the car both of us kept quiet. I wanted to ask him about it but Ila was at the back munching on some tid bits she got from a previous wedding. The usual stuff, you know, some cakes, sweets and jellos. In some cultures, bringing up a discussion like this while someone is eating, is considered rude, very rude. So we talked about other stuff instead; television, old friends and organic trampolines. Azlan seemed calm and collected throughout the journey. It was as if if nothing had happened. What a sadist!

Later that day, Azlan finally broke the locks. Apparently, he did see it.
"Did you see what I saw just now?", he asked me, and chuckled.

He freaking chuckled!! I can't imagine how someone could chuckle at the sight of.. uh.. when someone didn't flush!

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