Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pyow pyow hack

I've just read an article in the latest edition of the National Geographic magazine about a group of monkeys developing a new language. Scientists discovered that the new language consists only of two words: pyow and hack. Yet, rearranging these in particular patterns and repetitions could create whole new sentence. Pyow means a leopard or any of those predator types and hack means an aerial threat.
Living with these monkeys for several weeks, the scientists managed to come up with a sentence: Pyow pyow hack hack hack. Meaning, "They're coming let's get out of here". Come to think of it, this makes the language the simplest language in the world but yet the most difficult to learn.

I myself having read the article repetitively, came up with a new sentence: hack pyow pyow hack pyow. ("Mat, Jom keluar makan")

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