Monday, December 6, 2010

This is How We Rock and Roll (the money)

Legendary Rock Band: We will be doing our very last concert together before we break up. Make sure you, our hard rocking fans, do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. We promise you the greatest show of the century with our awesome 1996 line-up. Hurry up for the tickets!

Die Hard Fan: Oh shit, the greatest rock band in the world is breaking up and is going to do a final concert. I'm feeling sad but at the same time really excited about this concert. I can't miss this one. I may have to sell my guitar to get the front seat and to buy all their one-time unique merchandise.


Three months later..

Legendary Rock Band: We will be doing a nationwide tour with another legendary rock band because you, our cool fans, asked for it. This is going to be the best concert ever to rock the nation's soil because this will be our last time together. Don't miss this one out especially if you missed the last one.

Die Hard Fan: Oh shit, they are doing another concert. My dream is coming true. Oh hell I had just wished that they would another one because the last was just not enough. I shouldn't miss this one for it will be the very last concert for my most favourite rock band in the world. Rock on! I'll work overtimes to get the best seat!


Five and a half months later..

Legendary Rock Band: Hey fellow fans, we will be doing a reunion concert. All of the old gang are back together to perform an ultimate final concert. This will be our final concert together before we all go on our own paths. And when we said all the old gang we really mean it. The concert will be featuring all of our former 14 guitarists, 8 bassists and 4 drummers. Get your tickets now for this explosive night!!

Die Hard Fan: Oh shit..


Anonymous said...

hahahah. shit is accepted

adib said...

shit is overrated

Ron Burgundy said...

Weii makan kentaki!