Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mocker Nature

That morning the sky mocked me. Literally. The sky said:

"Hey you, good morning!. What a lovely day eh? I'm feeling super today. Look here, i just dimmed the sun here so that it won't too glaring for you eyes. I've adjusted the colour so that it will create golden linings around the clouds. Cool ain't it. Then I scattered the clouds in a way that it is not too overwhelming, but a the same time presenting a strong presence. I've also made some holes here and there so that some rays of light are visible. Oh and look at that shade of blue. It's like you've just pulled the gradient line in Photoshop between cyan and ocean blue. Just perfect. You know, this will make a marvelous picture. You should snap one.. Oh wait a minute, I forgot. You just lost your camera."

But then, when I actually found my camera, I didn't feel the urge to snap a picture of the beautiful day anyway.

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