Saturday, November 3, 2007

Why are Malaysians one of the Rudests?

Once there was an international poll and Malaysia was high-ranked in the list of rudest countries. The ministers retaliated by saying that no, Malaysia is the softest spot in the Asian Pacific map.
Unfortunately, we are rude.

Just take your car out to the road and you'll see why. It is a battleground out there. No wonder the road is one of Malaysia's successful population control scheme.

Politeness are only for westerners and sometimes they had to be Caucasians.

p/s: I hate it when people have broken tail lights. But being so Malaysian, I have never bothered to check mine.

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Gula Kapas said...

Honestly, i'm one of few that builds-up the rude driver population in Mesia. i admit to the road sin i commit -- everytime i'm behind the wheel.

A synthetic-hearted angel before stepping into the iron box,

A reckless speed demon the instant i set foot in the vehicle!

Road users out there, beware of me, the Demon's Angel!