Monday, January 21, 2008

Good Musical

I have just watched a movie called "Once". And it was good.

Once is actually a musical and, as quoted from a website, is not your typical Hollywood musical where people burst into a sing and dance sequence, leaving anything they are in the middle of. And if you are lucky sometimes the frogs join in too.

Once tells the story of an Irish in err.. Ireland who got inspired by a Czech girl to get serious about the music he had been busking about every night on the streets of his hometown. The musical parts kick in appropriately, like when he is busking in streets, or when they are jamming together in a music store.
The film is honest in its storytelling and acting. I don't really know what I mean by honest but I do read it often in other movie reviews. So maybe that sounded just right. Come to think of it could it mean unpretentious? Because this movie is unpretentious. It is somehow a love story but not with a predictable outcome.

The stars of this are unknowns, at least to my familiarity. Only later did I find out that the lead actor is the frontman of an Irish band The Frames. First time I've ever heard of the band. All in all it's a very good movie with wonderful songtracks. I liked it after I saw it "once".

Here's a scene from the movie which I think is beautiful.

Talk about musicals, although i love music, I'm not a fan of musicals. There are a few exceptions though. The all time favourite Sound of Music is my all time favourite too. No one would have thought the World War to be melodic. Then there's the peculiar Dancer in the Dark starring Bjork. It's about a single mother going blind who entertains herself with her own music from the sounds of the environment. And who would've thought the factory is melodic.


did.i said...

told you the movie was Xcellent kikikiki... if u still can recall the time when i show you the soundtrack back in dec i guess...kat kedai rock kapak kt subng parade tuuuu kikikik shud go n browse the movie webpage even better!!!

- salleh mat piah -

adib said...

hah ada ye ko tunjuk dulu.. tak teringat siottt... aku dah jangka dah kat Subang Parade mesti ada jual soundtrack.. carik kat Tower haram takde..
Jom kin kin Khamis ni... heeh ko boleh minum Stabak ko.. Nurul mesti on aje tu.. hehe

fadz said...

oh, i loveee ONCE,aku keluar duit aku semata2 order dari amazon utk soundtrack cd ni, ahhh , ONCE..

adib said...

hahaha.. pegi Rock Corner kat subang Parade ke.. OU wing lama ke.. banyak imported CDs.. aku beli kat Subang Parade. Jangan gi Tower Records.. Ripoff!!!