Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One Summer

My grandparents were not in very good terms with each other lately. And for no apparent reason. My grandmother have started staying with her daughter, leaving my grandfather alone with his world in their old house, well about 10 metres away.

So when I caught both of them sitting down conversing in one corner around the house compound during the preparation of a cousin's wedding, I quickly sneaked in a shot.
Family members chuckled and whispered from distance for witnessing this moment.

I wonder what they were talking about at that time though, since both have bad hearing problems.

Apa macam? Boleh masuk YourShot ka? haha


hj.pet said...

uih jahat gila ko ni dib!! bahan atok nenek sendirik!!

Gula Kapas said...

Waaah~! So sweet tengok grandparents ko dalam gambar ni :).

adib said...

mana ada aku bahan la. aku cerita betul. fakta.

haha. sepupu aku kata berdating.