Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Vow

A few days back I announced in Facebook through my status, that I will not eat anymore, at all. It seemed that a number of my friends reacted in disbelief to my claim. Some even made fun of it. They just didn't know what happened.

Well there was a meeting in the office yesterday. As usual the meeting participants were served with some refreshments. Swiss rolls particularly.

Post-meeting, there were still two plates of swiss rolls left for everyone to indulge. My officemates who were non-participants of the meeting went on doing their part of devouring these rolls. Some invited me to join in, but I, with my arms folded, just smiled while shaking my head lightly.

I stared at one particular swiss roll laying temptingly on the plate. Stared directly at the middle of the spiral where most of the cream cumulates, and said.
"Fuck off!"


Gula Kapas said...


Come join me in..
- Mafia Wars
- Fashion Wars
- Street Racing
- Vampire Wars
- Pirates
- Hatchlings


adib said...

deiii said...

deiii..mane watak peberet dlm blog ni yg sudah sekian lama menyepi ni?? hmmmm

adib said...

watak favrit?
azman ke din ke chong? said...