Thursday, April 2, 2009

Books Behold

I envy those who read books. Not just because they can read, but because they are able finish a book. And continue on another book. It's been a while since I've finished reading a book, be it fiction, non-fiction or technical. The last book I've fully read was probably a book called E=mc2, about five years ago. Maybe more. The book tells about the origin of the equation. Not just on the theoretical side, but more on the history. How the World War 2 played its share and all. It was a good read.

Before that, during my secondary school years, I used to read some of Stephen King's. And when I was in primary school I used to finish a number of Christopher Pikes. Kids.
It seems quite funny now how I gradually became less intimate with these stacked text as I grow. It is supposed to be the other way around. It's becoming more alarming now that I could not even finish an article in the National Geographic Magazine. It beats me to know what have become of me.

So last week I decided to start a new habit. Actually to restart an old habit. I went to a local budget bookstore and scrolled through the book racks. There were a lot of good books, at least I thought. But in order to start reading, I would need to start with something thin. Thus, I bought a book called The Siege of the Trencher's Farm, which was adapted into a screenplay with the name Straw Dogs. This should be a good book, I thought to myself. One particular comment on the back of the book is from Sam Peckinpah, the director of Straw Dogs, claiming that you would want to drown yourself in your own puke after reading this book. Yeah, this is definitely for me.

So it's been more than a week now since I've bought the book.
And here I am at page three.


nadzirah said...

Page 3? Alaahai..

Takpe takpe,i'll read it to u as a bedtime story. One night, one page.


Gula Kapas said...

Oh! Aku yg melalut2 baca academic journal yg bertambun2 tak kecoh pun :p *hehe*

adib said...


that would be lovely, hehe. But the thing is, I couldn't locate the book now :(
Do you read books? you have any recommendations. I think I'm really missing out the joy of reading books. hehe


itu sudah menjadi kerja kau. kerja lain dengan leisure. buku-buku letrik mengarut tu ada aku baca gak tapi tak perlu habis.
tengok macam nadzirah, dia ok je. kan nadzirah kan? hehe

nadzirah said...

betul betul betul. tengoklah sayaaaaaa! hehehe.

oh me? ah, lebih kurang lah kita. makin tua, maikn malas. hehe.

aha! majalah cleo kira tak? haha.