Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Arachnid Diaries

Few months back, I watched a National Geographic documentary on the life cycle of, if I'm not mistaken, Black Spiders (or something like that). It was quite interesting, especially about the relationship between the male and female spiders.

Mind my fragile memory though. As far as I remember It was about how the male would seduce the female spider with offerings of trapped flies and mosquitoes on the web. The female would then follow suit, eating dinner, have sex, and before you know it the male spider would get entangled in its own web by the female and gets its life sucked out. In short its like coax-date-screw-get screwed over.

The narrator of the documentary made it sound fascinating, attempting to instill shock in the audience for this somewhat peculiar nature.
Peculiar you say?
Well I think it's just err human nature.


digolbot said...

apa ko merepek ni adib.. ko lepak mana sekarang? said...

hmmm..spider jantan tu mcm ko pun ade dib..

adib said...

man - aku kat petaling jaya lah macam biasa? ke mana pulak ko kali ni? iceland? haha

pet - takde kaitan ngan aku ni, lebih kepada kawan-kawan dan filem barat.

digolbot said...

masih keje kat aps ke?

adib said...

harus le yop, mana buleh lari hehe