Friday, February 19, 2010

Words of Compliment

I hereby wish to compliment Old Town White Coffee for releasing their own canned coffee drink into local retail stores. What a smart move. After years of occupying strategic locations within the country whilst gripping a stronghold among the cafe (or kopitiam) industry, they finally broadened their market by inserting these tin cylinders next to your good ole canned Nescafes.

Pricing a little over Nescafe's various flavoured coffes, no one would have thought it was a complete ripoff. It was a marketing genius. No wonder Bill Hicks wanted them killed. Tasting nothing better than the Nescafes, they make the people (us!) pay 30 sen more just for the rip-off label. Yes, I was a victim.

Buncha capitalists!!


Nadirah said...

really? naseb korang la, sape suruh suka coffee. haha.

and seriously akak kerja tnb tu cakap camtu? eeyucks.

ps. byk update lately, yay!

adib said...

hehe nantikan Melihat Belakang 2