Friday, June 13, 2014

Ricing Awareness

You know that feeling, when you are in a banquet dinner, mid-meal, and the waiter/waitress is going around each person at your table asking if they want a second helping of rice, and you wait patiently, avoiding eye-contact, acting oblivious, thinking of what you are going to say, "yes"?, "just a little"?, but you want it, deep down inside you know you want it, because what's in your plate right now is not enough, but at the corner of your eye you are monitoring the answers of the others, while thinking would it be awkward if it just gonna be you alone to ask for a second helping?, and as the waiter is scooping rice to the plate of the person on your right, you act like you are really focused on eating, and that you are ready to act surprised, like you weren't expecting it, like you never noticed there was a second helping, and as you wait for the question: "sir, do you want more rice?" to appear from your back, and almost a minute passes by since the last you caught the waiter scooping rice for the person on your right, with the corner of your eye, you begin to realise that the waiter is gone, most probably to get more rice.

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Anonymous said...

no point la main tangga bagai klu asyik nasi tambah je bai