Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Hardest Decision in the World

I am indecisive. This is confirmed through a blood test I did during my high school years in a mini science exhibition. The blood test was so revealing that the girl who took it was able to tell how many times I farted that morning.

Indecisive means I have difficulties in making decisions. And the hardest decision in the world is choosing your drink at 7 Eleven at 12am. One 7Eleven for instance has two triple segmented fridges. Six racks of drinks. The first fridge consisting of alcohol and and carbonated drinks. I would quickly dismiss this fridge. 12am. Not a good time for carbonated drinks.

Moving on to the second fridge provides a lot of fruity feasts. You have the Justea series. Peach tea, Lemon tea, Apple Green tea, Pai tea.. you name it. Then there are the twister juices. Not really appealing though. On the lower racks are some new soft-packed Jungle Juice. One mango flavoured juice features a drawing of a giraffe. Yes, Mango has been the all-time favourite food of a tropical giraffe. On the bottom rack are choices of dairy drinks. But guess I'm not in the mood for a late night milk.

On the far left are cartons of fruit juices such as the Sunkist Orange, Marigold Mango, FuitTree Aloevera. And now back to the first fridge...

Decisions are hard to be made when you are`given a lot of choices. I went to the cashier with a packet of High5 Tuna bun.

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