Friday, June 19, 2009


During a little chat with my father, he told me about a National Geographic program he watched the other day. According to researchers, 93% of the human DNA is identical to that of monkeys, or more terminological, primates.
How am I not surprised.

A senior macaque demonstrates to his disciples
on how
to make the shape of a parachute
using hay

(picture taken from Wikipedia)

Now, the remaining 7% comprise of a random combination of other DNAs, sometimes even of a flower. Which explains how someone could be described as 'flowery'.
Anyway let's look at the mathematics. If 93% of the human DNA is identical to monkeys, what does it make the monkeys?
It's like monkeys have all the characteristics of a human, except for that 7 %. It's like inside every one us there is one complete monkey. Psychologically, Jung would not deny this.

And with that 7%, we lack bodily hair, a bit slow in climbing skills, tail-less, limited eyebrow movements and missing some other monkey-ish characteristics. It is likely today there are very few people with 100% human qualities. Most might have lost some of he 7% that distinct us from monkeys, nearing the 93 percentile. Reaching the 93% level means you are, well, a monkey.

So please keep that 7%. And happy father's day.

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