Thursday, January 23, 2014

Life, and all That Shit.

Professor Emeraldine was about to finish explaining the sand he just poured in a glassbox on his table, as his right hand reached for a cup of coffee. He was telling the story of life, using metaphors.

You know this, everyone knows this. It's the viral chain e-mail, a post on Facebook, or more recently a broadcast message on Whatsapp. You've probably read this story at least once in your life. It's the stuff about life, work, family and all that shit. I can't remember the exact story but it involved a professor explaining life by inserting stuffs like rocks and bricks into a possibly used aquarium, in front of his class. Most probably a philosophy class.

Well here it is, the origin of the story. It all started with Professor Emeraldine, of Feathers McGraw Institute of Technology. He had reached almost the ending of the story. I don't remember what the sand represented. Maybe it was the community, or whatever. Who cares. But at the end, he started pouring coffee into the mix. Two cups of pure arabican americano.

"And what was that?", asked one of his students, Tobias.

This puts a smile to Professor Emeraldine's face. People like him, scholars, academicians, they really like it when people ask them questions. Questions particularly, raised after observing their actions. Questions raised resulting from what they have done. They would purposely keep silent until someone raises a question. Adding to the effect that the response would be something light, probably funny but more importantly something that everyone would not expect given the context of the previous subjects. Work, family and friends for that matter

"That my dear students, means that, no matter how full our life is, there is always a space for some coffee for two."
 That answer ignited a mix of  noises from the audience. Most chuckled, some blurting monologues. All in all, in a good manner. Except for one.

"No", said Tobias, from the front row. "I mean, that's a waste of some damn good coffee, man"

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