Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Easing off the Hatred

I used to be an angry child. I have a very hot temper. I would flinch at the littlest form of threat, even if it's only about a cereal. I would burst into a tantrum when provoked.

But then, as I got into the upper high school years, I've learned to control my emotions. Slowly, I became a very patient person. And during my varsity years, I was as cool as Paul McCartney's cats. I did lose it once though. Punched a friend in the gut and a subsequent second punch on back of his ribs. He cried and I felt relieved.
Among my friends, the sight of me being angry is as rare as axolotls.

However, I have noticed lately how my temper is being risen slowly. Factors such as work, driving with Malaysians, deaf waiters and boxers, I reckon are slowly sucking me into being my old self.
I need to lay off may anger. Ditch the hatred.

I need some ice cream.


Gula Kapas said...

*inner voice screaming:*
Same here! Same here! :)

If you need ice-cream, i need to be infinitely very far away from people who purposely rise the temperature of my temper >:)

bEkAkIrA said...

yo o la ko dib... nk ice-cream citer punye la panjang... hehehe