Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kings of Nonconformity

To conform is to agree or to follow with the flow.
Most people conform to society. They follow the rules. Adapt to their local cultures. They approve of ideas which most conform to. Majority of people prefer to be in a large group. Hence, majority.

Nonconformists, however are the minority who refuse popular beliefs or cultures. (That is nonconformists with a small 'n'). They would oppose the rules, break traditions and go rebellious. Simply said being in a disagreement to something larger is to not conform.

Calvin from 'Calvin and Hobbes' is a nonconformist. I do sometimes find myself in a state of nonconformity. I rarely listen to the radio for popular music. I would root for the less popular team when watching football with friends. Somehow, when I'm around people, I found it gratifying to refuse conformation to a larger group. Hence, minority.

Having stated that, I believe all cats are non conformist. And majority of them would conform to that.


nadzirah again. ;D said...

Am I considered a nonconformist if, before the twilight series got really popular, I was a fan. But after SO MANY PEOPLE got crazy over it, I lose all interest, sampaikan nak baca the other books in the series pun tak minat dah. Haha..


adib said...

well, hehe. That was the same case with me with a lot of music groups. I get pretty annoyed listening to something being played everywhere everytime. It's kinda selfish but, hell..
I wouldn't judge as a nonconformist though but you certainly have some nonconformity in you. hehe.
My previous post was subconsciously made about nonconformity.
I conform to the music of Tool, err and Sarah Vaughan. :)

nadzirah said...

sayang, sayang.. aciligantat tu apa..?


adib said...

haaa. kebetulan nanti saya nak explain asal usul aciligantat ni hehe.